Ladies Day at the Range

Post 435 Gun Club was closed Saturday the 21st for Ladies Day. We had 27 women in all, ranging in age and experience with firearms. The ladies were instructed in basic firearm safety and given individual instruction with a variety of rifles, pistols and shotguns.
No husbands or boyfriends were allowed!

Our day started on the rifle and pistol range with the ladies shooting different rifles and pistols. The session ended with a ballistic demonstration of various firearms.
25 auto 45 Colt
22 rf standing Randy @ AR15 table Randy & KVB
our fearless crew
Barry & friends
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In early afternoon we broke for lunch, then it was off to the shotgun range to try trap shooting and a short lesson in defensive shotgun.

remember to call these ladies Ma'am!

A quick lesson in :Defensive Shotgun"
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group photo
The ladies (showing off their certificates) and instructors of Post 435 Ladies Day
certificates) and instructors of Post 435 Ladies Day